Transformations / by Morteza Karimi

The 3D printed piece is a part of series of studies on the topic of descriptive geometry and spacial transformations.
The notion of inversion in three dimensional space is similar to mirroring the object except when mirroring the vertices of the original geometry are displaced based on their distance from an imaginary infinite plane (ie the mirror). In the case of inversion this imaginary plane is replaced by a sphere around the object. Similarly the vertices are displaced according to their perpendicular distance from the sphere.


installation consists of a motion sensor camera connected tracking the position of the viewer's head in space.

Using spacial transformation algorithms, the appropriate perspective is estimated based on the viewer's position relative to the digital model.

the estimated perspective is then projected onto the concave surface as a two dimensional image. the process is refreshed with acceptable latency to create the illusion of a three-dimensional hologram.

inspiration: Space Symmetry blog by Daniel Piker