Miao cultural ecotourism / by Morteza Karimi

Miao Cultural Eco-Tourism

With a population of 8,940,116, the Miao people form one of the largest ethnic minorities in southwest China. Miao villages are comprised of a few families, and are scattered on mountain slopes and plains with easy access to transport links.Utilizing ethnic cultural resources for tourism development, and yet protecting the local cultural heritage, is a world-wide challenge. The bais of the tourism potential of Guizhou Province lies in it's unique combination of rich mysterious cultures set in the stunning scenery of a Karst plateau.


Design for a hotel as a part of Miao cultural development was carried out at a design studio at the Ohio State University comprised of M.Arch and L.Arch students and in collaboration with MIT Architecture Department.

infographic credit: MIT Architecture dept.

infographic credit: MIT Architecture dept.

The proposed design takes a literal approach to recreate a part of the village  as an addition. The figure ground is then inverted to put the memory of the iconic three bay Miao house in the center of each suite. Acknowledging the importance of agriculture in the economy of the village, foot print of the addition is minimized by raising the building off the ground and allowing light through the courtyards.