NYC As Is by Morteza Karimi


Over the years as a designer in architecture industry I am well aware how most architects are missing out of great resources that are made available to them by the city and other organizations just because they're lacking the skills to communicate with those resources.

I started working on the "New York, As Is" project to document my work from the past year and to create a friendly interface for architects, designers and other construction industry professionals to find specific information about land parcels and existing buildings in New York City. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.38.57 AM.png

I also saw the project as a good opportunity to put the programming knowledge I have acquired over the past few years to test.

The app is made on Flask framework for Python and uses a customized version of Bootstrap. The main interface of the website is an integration of Google Maps Javascript API using GeoJson overlays queried from ArcGis database. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.53.21 AM.png

Future improvements include integrating Amazon S3 to authenticate downloads for registered users using signed URLs. 

The project goes hand in hand with NYC, As Of Right project which uses data from New York City Department of Building to calculate three dimensional zoning envelopes for future development of New York City sites.

working repository:

ALEPHba 3D printed jewelry by Morteza Karimi

ALEPHba is a collection of custom made 3D printed jewelry pieces that are inspired by alphabet. Started with a vision to make beautiful, minimal and personalized jewelry, unique to its wearer. Each piece is created through a combination of advanced 3D printing techniques and traditional casting craftsmanship, and available in gold, silver or bronze.

Our current collection takes inspiration from the art of typography. We designed each letter of the alphabet elegantly to both stand on its own as a unique piece and compliment others when paired in endless combinations.

Visit ALEPHba's website to learn more.



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AS OF RIGHT by Morteza Karimi


In a rush that every real estate developer in New York is competing for under developed sites, the face of the city shifts shape rapidly.  

In "NYC; As Of Right" every zoning lot in Manhattan is fully developed to the maximum allowable zoning floor area.

Using open source GIS data and the New York zoning resolution, the maximum building envelope is calculated for every single lot in Manhattan.

What's visualized in the animation is a formal study of the present and future of New York City. It's interesting to see how quantifiable variables differentiate one zoning district from another and to see neighborhoods with distinct shape and character begin to emerge.

Transformations by Morteza Karimi

The 3D printed piece is a part of series of studies on the topic of descriptive geometry and spacial transformations.
The notion of inversion in three dimensional space is similar to mirroring the object except when mirroring the vertices of the original geometry are displaced based on their distance from an imaginary infinite plane (ie the mirror). In the case of inversion this imaginary plane is replaced by a sphere around the object. Similarly the vertices are displaced according to their perpendicular distance from the sphere.


installation consists of a motion sensor camera connected tracking the position of the viewer's head in space.

Using spacial transformation algorithms, the appropriate perspective is estimated based on the viewer's position relative to the digital model.

the estimated perspective is then projected onto the concave surface as a two dimensional image. the process is refreshed with acceptable latency to create the illusion of a three-dimensional hologram.

inspiration: Space Symmetry blog by Daniel Piker

cantilever as symbolic form by Morteza Karimi

Knowlton School of Architecture
Critics: Jeffrey Kipnis
Team: Morteza Karimi

A Figure of Infinite Jest by Morteza Karimi

Self supporting anthropomorphic structures made out of cardboard using Karamba structural analysis plug-in for Grasshopper.

 exaggerated structure failure simulation.

exaggerated structure failure simulation.

critics: Jeffrey Kipnis, Justin Diles, Clemens Preisinger
team: Paul Adair, Jeffrey Anderson, Antoinette Delvillano, Megan Dixon, Ben Flaute, Morteza Karimi, Elizabeth Schnieder, John Yurchyk


Miao cultural ecotourism by Morteza Karimi

Miao Cultural Eco-Tourism

With a population of 8,940,116, the Miao people form one of the largest ethnic minorities in southwest China. Miao villages are comprised of a few families, and are scattered on mountain slopes and plains with easy access to transport links.Utilizing ethnic cultural resources for tourism development, and yet protecting the local cultural heritage, is a world-wide challenge. The bais of the tourism potential of Guizhou Province lies in it's unique combination of rich mysterious cultures set in the stunning scenery of a Karst plateau.


Design for a hotel as a part of Miao cultural development was carried out at a design studio at the Ohio State University comprised of M.Arch and L.Arch students and in collaboration with MIT Architecture Department.

 infographic credit: MIT Architecture dept.

infographic credit: MIT Architecture dept.

The proposed design takes a literal approach to recreate a part of the village  as an addition. The figure ground is then inverted to put the memory of the iconic three bay Miao house in the center of each suite. Acknowledging the importance of agriculture in the economy of the village, foot print of the addition is minimized by raising the building off the ground and allowing light through the courtyards.